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Frequently Asked Questions


Who comes to a Chiropractor?

Whether you are baby, a child, a teenager, middle aged or elderly, male or female we are happy to help you along in whatever way we can! Every patient has different reasons to seek chiropractic care.

How do Chiropractors treat Musculoskeletal problems?

Well, every chiropractor is trained similarly, but may choose to practice differently once in private practice or clinical setting. Our chiropractor uses a variety of techniques to adjust (manipulate), where indicated: the spine, pelvis, upper and lower limbs, neck and jaw. Soft tissue techniques are also interwoven into a treatment and are often performed with the use of natural pain and stress relieving creams or sprays. We also use vibration massage to assist in pain management, enhanced recovery and for therapeutic reasons.

What is the "cracking or clicking" noise from an adjustment?

This is generally relieving rather than pain-provoking. The sound comes from a quick release of gas (thought to be carbon dioxide) from the joint speace. This is much the same as the pressure build-up (and release) from opening a can of soft drink.

When should I see a Chiropractor?

Well, this depends on the reason for seeing the chiropractor, whether it's pain you woke up with after a bad night's sleep, from kicking the ball with the kids last month or something that has been niggling or annoying you for years. Pain is actually a good thing to have, it's just a bad thing to feel- the alarm system your body has to alert you to a problem. Your body then begins a cascade of inflammation to protect, stabilise and prevent further injury to the problem area. So, by actually doing something about it you may help avoid further stress on the already injured structure(s) and any other structures in your body that are working harder to keep you moving.

What conditions does a Chiropractor treat?

- Neck, mid back, lower back and pelvic pain

- Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain

- Hip, knee and ankle pain

- Various types of headaches/migraines

- Sciatica 

- Jaw pain

**Please Note- the above stated are just a few of the more common complaints we have dealt with. Individual results vary and treatment will be tailored according to your particular presentation requirements. 

Do I need to have an X-Ray or other imaging like MRI/CT/Ultrasound?

This depends on your individual case. Your chiropractor will firstly conduct a thorough history and physical assessment prior to making any decisions about imaging. Our chiropractors refer to a local bulk billing imaging clinic for all x-rays and MRI. We can send you back to your GP for the other imaging.