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      Welcome to Coastal Family Wellness

Our centre is a multidisciplinary clinic offering the local and surrounding communities access to primary health care services.

Our practitioners are well trained and adopt evidence based practice methodology, whilst offering unique and effective pain management solutions that look to promote better health and wellness. 

Private health refund rebates available for all practitioners    (please ask for details when you call)
Medicare EPC and DVA referrals accepted 
from Medical Centres


POSTURE POLE AND PILLOW PROMOTION (with free pillow fitting session included at the clinic). 
Please speak with our reception staff as we have several options to suit your   individual needs.

All of our BioCeutical products are on special for September. 
Come and take advantage of the 15% off Magnesium powders, tablets, and creams, Probiotics, immune support, migraine support and adrenal support supplements.


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