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Remedial Reflexology

Remedial Reflexology

 Dr. Julian Boo is one of the first few doctors to graduate and complete the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree in Australia (attained from UWA). He graduated with distinction and the Podiatrist’s Registration Board of WA Prize as well as the Athlete’s Foot Prize for Excellence. He also has a background in Medical Science and a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy (from Curtin University). Dr. Julian has spent over a decade of his career working primarily with other practitioners both in private and hospital settings as well as the Department of Human Services as a Medical Assessor.

Vast experience in all areas of podiatry including: 

- general nail and skin care, 

- biomechanics/sporting cases, 

- dry needling, 

- osteopathic manipulation (lower extremity),

- ingrown nail surgery, 

He has also previously held the position for the University of Western Australia’s 2015 Podiatric Medicine Student Society’s President and is the current President of the University of Western Australia’s Podiatric Medicine Alumni. 

Consultations are avilable only on a Monday morning (fortnightly).


Remedial Reflexology

Remedial Reflexology

Remedial Reflexology

Sharee is our resident Reflexologist and is currently unavailable as she is expecting her 2nd child in August. She hopes to be back seeing clients later in 2020! 

Sharee brings over 14 years of experience after completing a Diploma of Reflexology in 2005 (Reflexology Academy of WA).

Reflexology is thought to date back to Ancient Egypt (approximately 2500BC), but has also been traced to other parts of the world including: India, China and Japan. 

Reflexology has been thought to be a certain pressure applied to the feet or hands at "reflex points" in turn assisting the body to return to a balanced or harmonious state.  This is generally thought to be attributed to the reflex actions by the body to a stimulus and the response it invokes. treatment is generally extremely relaxing to the client.