What To Expect- Chiropractic

First Chiropractic Visit (Initial Consultation):

We want to find out if chiropractic care is right for you!  We sit down and discuss your current health and then undertake a thorough examination. This includes postural evaluation, chiropractic palpatory testing, orthopaedic and neurological assessments. We may refer you for further investigations (if required). If we feel it is appropriate to begin treatment, we may start care on this visit or me may wait until we receive further information from any other investigations. If we find that chiropractic is not for you, rest assured, we will refer you to another health professional. This is normally about 30 minutes.

Second Chiropractic Visit (Report of Findings):

We discuss what we have found in your Initial Consultation visit. We explain and illustrate pertinent findings (as well as any investigative results) and then discuss the treatment options available to you. We will suggest an expected length and frequency of treatment. Our aim is obviously to get you feeling better quickly!! We also set a time for a reassessment (Re-examination Visit) after so that we can gauge your improvement. This is normally about 20 minutes.

Follow up Chiropractic Visits:

Regular visits after the second appointment are generally shorter in time, but still just as important. We do less talking and more working on these appointments!! These are normally about 10 minutes.

Reassessment visits:

These visits take more time (than your follow-up visits) and are designed to measure your improvement. We compare tests and speak about the changes that have occurred to this point. We then speak about where to go from here. You may decide to continue into wellness or maintenance care, or to come in as required. This is normally about   20 minutes.

Extended Consultation visits:
If you have extra things to discuss or we are needing to go through investigations or results of tests we ask that you let our reception staff know. This is is normally 20 minutes.

We suggest to take 5 to 10 minutes after each adjustment to go for a short walk. This help your adjustment to be more effective. 

There are 3 phases/stages to recovery-

1- Acute Phase-                   Focusing on minimising pain or loss of function.

2- Rehabilitation Phase-      Where we work to stabilise the site of concern and all of                                                        the interconnecting systems.

3- Wellness Phase-            A "check up" at an interval suggested by our providers in             order to maintain your general and spinal health. This is                                                       much like servicing your car.  
We understand that not every person wishes to move through all 3 phases of care     and this is fine. 

Our clinical recommendations. Your choice.
 The majority of our referrals come from satisfied patients.
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