We stock a range of quality natural products and supplements as well as        refrigerated probiotics.
Our current range includes:

We can also specially order for you most supplements from our suppliers.
If you wish to purchase over the phone or via email, we can take your payment and call you as soon as your product(s) arrive at the clinic!

Rehabilitation Products
We stock a  range of musculosketetal rehabilitation products.
Our current range includes:
Long Half D Foam Rollers (Posture Poles)
Lumbar Rolls & Car Supports (lumbar)

Our contour pillows are well priced at $39 each and are designed to give you a quality and restorative sleep by keeping the body in the best anatomical position possible to minimise stress on your tired and stressed muscles and joints.
It is recommended to ask for a professional fitting by one of our chiropractors to ensure you buy the correct size. This service is provided at no charge providing time is available. We currently stock sizes: large, medium, small, child, firm.

Other products
We also stock and use a variety of products that assist with pain management and inflammation including:
Flexeze heat patches
Natural anti-inflammatory pain creams and ointments (including: Velbexx17,
BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze
, Living Essences Accident Relief and Michaels MediRub)
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