Evidence Based Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is safe, effective and drug free.

Our Chiropractors are trained to use gentle techniques where indicated or preferred and to utilise a variety of chiropractic and muscular techniques such as: Mechanical Pelvic Blocking, Activator, Drop Piece (Thompson), Toggle-Recoil, Diversified, Electronic and Manual Table Traction, Active Release Technique (ART), Trigger Point Therapy (TPT), Thumper Massager (electronic).
Chiropractic is a primary health care profession that begun in 1895. Chiropractic is the art, science and philosophy concerned with the body's nervous system- believed to be the main control mechanism of the body's muscles, joints, glands and cells.

The Main chiropractic techniques used by our chiropractors are explained below.

Mechanical Pelvic Blocking
Mechanical Pelvic Blocking is a technique that assists with the re-balance or re-alignment of the pelvis and spine. Wedges (or blocks) are placed at different positions under the pelvis for several minutes to help re-position the pelvic bones. This in turn will allow the muscles of the lower spine and pelvis to relax or contract appropriately. This is a very low force technique that our chiropractors use to relax the body and is often utilised prior to other adjustments or treatment.
   Activator technique is an instrument-assisted, low force adjustment, where a specific impulse is delivered in varying degrees of force. The characteristic "click" means that some people actually prefer this to the traditional "crack" associated with some chiropractic adjustments. This technique may be utilised when other techniques are less favourable for a patient's condition or by practitioner or patient preference.
Drop Piece Technique (Thompson)

 Thompson technique (or drop piece- DP) is a table-assisted adjustment to any suitable joint in the body. This is a technique that many people associate with the "big bang" heard out of chiropractic rooms. DP relies on the principles of physics and motion and this traditional technique is highly versatile for all ages and types.
Toggle-Recoil is a low force technique that is very fast and effective for certain presentations or problems. This technique is similar in principle to drop piece but is generally only used for cervical (neck) problems.
Diversified technique is one of the most commonly associated method of chiropractic. Diversified is a manual chiropractic adjusting technique where an audible "crack or pop or cavitation" may be heard. The sound that you hear is carbon dioxide being released from the joint space not bones grinding on bones.
Traction may be used to assist in the management of lower back pain and we use electronic (table-assisted) and manual (hands-on) traction.
Active Release Technique (ART)/Trigger Point Therapy (TPT)
These are manual muscle techniques that may be used in conjunction with  chiropractic techniques.
Thumper / Dr. Graeme Massager(s)
These are electronic vibration massagers which are applied to a muscle(s) in conjunction with chiropractic techniques. Vibration massage may assist with increased circulation to the affected area and with pain management.

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